Hire Charges - Our Prices

Our standard hire period is for 4 days [i.e. collect/deliver Friday return Monday]. Longer hire periods can be arranged, please contact us to discuss terms.

Vintage China:  
Tea Trio (Cup, Saucer & Tea plate)   £1.00
Cup & Saucer   75p
Tea Plate 40p
China Coffee/Teapot £2.00
China Milk Jug 50p
China Sugar Bowl 50p
'Eared' Cake/Sandwich Plate 50p
Dinner Plate 50p
Soup/Dessert Bowl 40p
Dessert Plate 40p
Vegetable Tureen £1.50
Gravy Boat 50p
3 Tier Cake Stand £2.00
Large China Platters £1.00 each
Gold & White China - Please Enquire  
Vintage Cutlery:  
Silver Plated Teaspoon   10p each
Silver Plated Pastry Fork 20p each
Vintage Tea Knives 20p each
Silver Plated Dessert/Cake Fork 10p each
Silver Plated Dinner Fork 10p each
Silver Plated Dinner Knife 10p each
Silver Plated Dessert Spoons 10p each
Silver Plated Soup Spoons 10p each
Bone Handle Side Knife 10p each
Bone Handle Dinner Knife 10p each
Silver Plated Serving Spoons 20p each
Silver Plated Sugar Tongs 25p each
Silver Plated Cake Slice/Server 50p each
Gold Plated Cutlery Available; Dinner Knives, Dinner Forks, Dessert Spoons, Tea Spoons and Pastry Forks 20p each
Vintage Silverware:  
Silver Plated Coffee/Teapot £1.00
Silver Plated Milk Jug 50p
Silver Plated Sugar Bowl 50p
Wedding Cake Knife £1.00
Wedding Cake Stand £10.00
Vintage Cake Stands:  
3 Tier Cake Stand £2.00
Glass Pedestal Cake Stand £1.00
Wedding Cake Stand £10.00
Vintage Glassware:  
Vintage Champagne Glass 25p each
Vintage Champagne Saucer 25p each
Vintage Cut Glass Wine Glass 25p each
Vintage Cut Glass Wine Decanter £2.00
Vintage Glass Water Jug 75p
Vintage Tumbler 20p each
Individual Glass Sundae Dish 20p
Large Glass Serving Bowl £1.00
5 Litre Kilner Drinks Dispenser £2.50
8 Litre Kilner Drinks Dispenser £3.50
Bunting (per 10 ft. Length) £1.00
Decorated Jam Jar Vase £1.00
Electric Tea Urn (20 Litres) £6.50
Wood Log Cake Stand £5.00
Vintage Glass Bottles, Suitable for Flower Vases 30p each
Sweet Table Glass Jars with lid 50p each
Table Cloths:  
White Linen Table Cloths - various sizes, please enquire for prices  
Vintage Embroidered Cloths - various sizes, including laundry £3.00 each
Washing Up Service:  
Pre-booked washing-up service available at 20% of total order